About Us

Joe Morozin Sr. opened his very first eatery when he was sixteen years old. The road was paved with hard work, dedication and perseverance. It led from the GI Inn to White Way to the Torresdale Diner to The Dining Car. The Torresdale Diner was originally located at 8828 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia from 1960 to 1980. In 1976 its name changed to The Dining Car.

The “new” Dining Car was constructed on-site in New Jersey and trucked to its current location at 8826 Frankford Avenue in 1980. Not wanting to interrupt service to its customers, both diners were actually operating at the same time for a short while. Some customers even picked up there coffee cups from the old diner and walked over to the new diner to sit and finish up there. Once all of the patrons were served, the “old” diner was closed.

Since that time, the “new” diner has been operating 7 days a week. Not only was the building new, the diner’s approach to food was also. Taking The Dining Car from convenience restaurant to destination restaurant offering a full array of American/Continental cuisine. The facility also offers a full service award winning bakery.

The key to continuing success of The Dining Car’s operation is family-based. The Morozin family oversees all daily operations. Judy graduated from Penn State University with a degree in restaurant management and is responsible for the training of all front-of-the-house personnel. Joe Jr., also a Penn State grad, oversees all back-of-the-house functions. Nancy Morozin, a Moore College of Art & Design graduate is the general manager.

The concept of “family” has trickled down to the staff. The Dining Car boasts one of the most experienced staffs in the business, with several key employees working 35 years or longer. This helps reinforce The Dining Car’s family values. The customers are also treated like, and considered part of, The Dining Car family. Nancy Morozin, Chairwoman 2017/2018 of The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, in cooperation with Nazareth Hospital, created The Dining Car’s “Heartfare” program. This section of the menu is dedicated to health-conscious guests and for those with specific dietary needs. Continuing the family’s culinary tradition, Ms. Morozin added a very successful Market and Bakery to the front of the diner in 1988. Nancy is also a member of the Les Dames d’Escoffier International, a world-wide, invitation-only philanthropic society of professional women leaders in the fields of food, fine beverage and hospitality.

The family is very generous with their time and expertise; several other neo-diner operators have learned the trade at The Dining Car. The Dining Car has enjoyed an ongoing relationship with its community by actively participating with local schools, churches, hospitals, police districts and various neighborhood associations.

The Dining Car & Market

8826 Frankford Avenue | Philadelphia, PA 19136 | 215-338-5113
Open 7 days a week (Closed on Christmas)

New Hours: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm